Riverside County Suicide Cleanup Narrative

Riverside County suicide cleanup services remain open for telephone calls every day of the year and that all hours. I personally answer these telephone calls. My name is Eddie Evans.


Riverside County Suicide Cleanup Prices

I guarantee my price, and I guarantee my work in writing before work begins. Only in special cases will this price change, and it must be clear to the responsible party why my cleaning price must change. In 17 years, I have changed my telephone quoted price twice. (Here's one explanation for a price change.)
My Riverside County suicide cleanup prices are usually less than $1000. While on the telephone, I may quote prices anywhere from $500-$950 for most suicide cleanup tasks. Whenever I go over $950, it's because of multiple suicides or something like a shotgun suicide. Typically, though, my prices are between the quoted.
Usually, my rates are between $500 and $950. While on the telephone, I will give an estimate. The caller will email me an email they will write down the amount. It will be understood, too, that this is pending my observation of the suicide scene. Only in those circumstances where the description of the suicide scene some gross material conditions of the suicide cleanup, something significant, will I need to change my price. It is a rare day when I need to change prices, and I do not like doing it.
Therefore, I set a not-to-exceed price while on the telephone. My goal is to do the suicide cleanup for no higher than the not to exceed amount. Whatever price I quote upon arrival, not will be the suicide cleanup fee.
When might a suicide cleanup price need to be increased? In situations where decomposition has occurred in the decomposition cleanup issues were not discussed. Perhaps the suicide scene was not observed by the calling party. They may have misspoken or otherwise mis-characterize the nature of the suicide weapon. I have had calls for suicide service misrepresented unknowingly by the calling party. Such cases will involve misidentifying the suicide weapon, not knowing the length of time the suicide victim was down after their suicide and other material facts. It's nobody's fault and no one to blame. I need to know what I'm getting into. When I arrive for a Riverside County suicide cleanup, I prefer the correct tools, equipment, and cleaning solutions are available.
Suicide cleanup is a type of biohazard cleanup. Because of this, it may require demolition at times. For example, it may require taking out part of the wall. Wall removal, in part, is not a major task, but the correct tools need to be on hand. Likewise, taking out floor becomes necessary in some cases. Taking out flooring does require skill saws and other types of and tools. All of this goes toward the price of the suicide cleanup. As in any biohazard cleanup, the biohazard cleanup practitioner must "chase the blood." At times it may have migrated under a toilet, under walls, under a cabinet. Sometimes blood migrates to the floor below the suicide scene.
Whenever I charge $950, it is because there is a lot of blood and OPIM to remove. It will be because I needed to remove soiled materials, clothing, and miscellaneous objects. A good deal of scrubbing, rinsing, and even, possibly, sealing will be necessary. It will be because blood and OPIM contaminated walls and ceiling and floor in some cases.
Whenever I do charge $950, the odds are that I will ask if I can come back the following day to check my work and do additional cleaning if needed. A charge of $950 anywhere in Riverside County means that I did a significant suicide cleanup. Whenever I charge $500, it means I did a suicide cleanup that took only two or three hours. Perhaps I did a small amount of paint sealing of blood and OPIM soiled areas.

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As suicide on or near a bed may require removal of bedding. Bedding may include blankets, sheets, pillowcases, and pillowcase covers. In the case of blankets and pillows, blood reduction may be required. "Reduction" means to remove the blood from the object. So a pillow "reduction" requires cutting out the blood soiling.

Blankets and sheets can be bleached out at times. Pillowcases can be bleached out as well.

At times simply cutting out the blood and OPIM reduces the amount of biohazard waste that must be placed in red bags, if any.


If blood soiled clothing has not been heavily soiled by blood and OPIM, then the responsible party may be asked if they wish to keep it. Sometimes it's better just to go to destroy it rather than trouble somebody with this question. My very first suicide cleanup the family asked to keep the suicide victim's jeans. I acquiesced, but not before I rinse them out in a bathtub with heavy soap and bleach. I did not want to do this, but the family was very upset. Since that time nobody has bothered to ask.


Up to about 10 years ago, suicide cleanup often involved removing carpet and carpet padding. It is a fact that once soiled by blood, carpet and carpet padding must be removed. There's no way of proving that a carpet has been disinfectant once soiled by blood. Also, carpet padding harbors blood and death voters because of its porous nature. So it is important to remove carpet padding as soon as possible.

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Hardwood floors can be cleaned of blood and other OPIM. Simply scraping blood from a well lacquered hardwood floor will do the job; however, a poorly cared for with floor may require sanding. In the worst cases, when the suicide victim has been down for days or weeks, then the form you need to be removed.

Natural stone flooring will readily give up blood and other potentially infectious materials. Simply soaking blood and letting the cleaning solution dwell will loosen the blood. Then it can be removed. The issue becomes, how do we disinfect a marble floor? Placing bleach on a marble floor may cause it to lose its luster. The luster can be returned easy enough.
Travertine floors with their many pits may require special cleaning. Peroxide, scrubbing, and then vacuuming may do the trick.
Concrete floors are quite easy. Scrubbing, rinsing, and disinfecting usually do the job.


Handguns, rifles, and shotguns may cause blood splatter to walls. In some cases pieces of wall will be removed. In others, scrubbing the soiled areas will do the job. Sprain bleach and water or rubbing alcohol on the soiled area will help to disinfect. Sealing the once soiled area will also help. It is customary for many businesses and some families to paint a room following a suicide.


Like walls, ceilings may become soiled by blood and other potentially infectious materials. Handguns, rifles, and shotguns are known to splatter blood and other potentially infectious materials on sailings. When sailings have acoustical material upon them, then the material must be sought for a prolonged period of time before removal. A long handled scraping tool is used for this cleaning process. And it does fit under the title of demolition work.


Well painted doors cleanup easily enough blood splatter by suicide occurs. It is when a door is not been painted for a long time that additional cleaning is required. Of course, when a door is punctured by a projectile use during the suicide, the doors typically removed. Often when the door remains in place, the responsible party will have it painted.

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What does suicide cleanup entail?

My job is to ensure that a suicide cleanup removes all the blood and OPIM contamination. By doing so, I create a safe environment for the other trades to do their work, trades that would include made services, for example.

For purposes of my suicide cleanup services, by "suicide cleanup" I mean to remove blood and other potentially infectious materials. I do not mean to do general cleaning, then. A suicide cleanup will include cleaning and destroying materials soiled by blood and other potentially infectious materials (OPIM).

A suicide cleanup means to remove blood soiled materials that include fabrics and hard surface objects. Fabrics may include clothing, bedding, carpet, carpet padding, and window curtains, for example. Pieces of a floor, pieces of walls, fragments of ceilings, and other materials may require removal because of blood and OPIM contamination. "Cleaning" means not only to remove the blood and OPIM soiled materials. It means to scrub and rinse those nonporous surfaces contaminated by blood and OPIM. At times, some of these areas may be sealed with a paint sealer.

A suicide cleanup may include minor demolition work. By this, I mean that a saw may be used to remove flooring as well as pieces of wall. In the case of furniture removal, the saw may be used to dismantle couches, chairs, and loveseats. Various tools and equipment may be used to dismember a bed and a mattress as well.

A suicide cleanup as performed by me, Eddie Evans, does not include general housecleaning. Only in those cases where hoarding cleanup or filthy house cleanup services are needed, will another discussion for further cleaning be considered. I do not include general housecleaning in a suicide cleanup task, in general, then. It is possible to coax me into doing general housecleaning, but "the money would have to be there."

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Example Suicide Cleanup Price Change

I was called to a Hollywood condominium were a third-floor bathroom suicide cleanup. The suicide victim's brother had called me from Wyoming. He had no direct experience, no knowledge of the suicide scene. He had only word-of-mouth information. While on the telephone, I quoted a low price and a high, not to exceed price, which is my custom.

Upon arrival at the suicide scene, I discovered that the suicide victim had been "down" for a prolonged period of time. Plus, the suicide victim had used the shotgun as his weapon. As a result there was extensive damage to the bathroom. More, blood and other potentially infectious materials had seeped under the toilet, requiring that the toilet be removed. More, the blood had migrated to the wall and floor seen; from there, it's seeped into the residence bathroom below the suicide scene. Fortunately for them, they were on an extended vacation to the South Pacific. The operations manager allowed me into their apartment so I could clean the ceiling duct.

Before I started the suicide cleanup my called brother in Wyoming and explain the circumstances. I told him I would be on the job two days and even three days of things do not work well. As it turned out, things did not work out well. Unbeknown to me when I first arrived, the Los Angeles County corners employees had drug the suicide victim across the carpeted hallway from the bathroom.

The coroners employees probably needed to do this to properly bag the suicide victim. So to compound my cleaning requirements, I was also going to remove carpet and carpet padding. It adds up. (return)

Banning suicide cleanup prices remain the same as that of Beaumont. And Blythe, even with its extreme heat has similar suicide cleanup prices. In 2005 I helped a Calimesa family with suicide cleanup issues. I have not done work related to suicide cleanup near Canyon Lake; however, About 15 years ago, I did a suicide cleanup in commercial truck cab parked in Cathedral City.

Originally, the truck was parked in an Arizona state rest stop parking lot. The owners moved it to Cathedral city and there I continued cleaning it out. Although, I had started at the Arizona parking lot. This was a very strange adventure in suicide cleanup work, to say the least.

But not so in Coachella. I have no experiences working at suicide cleanup in Corona, either. Desert Hot Springs does not have suicide cleanup issues because I've never received a telephone call.. And even if I had during the summer months, I don't hope I wouldn't take in such a job. I imagine suicide cleanup in this area requires quite a bit of stamina.

Neither Eastvale nor Hemet have requested my suicide cleanup services. I have looked forward to doing suicide cleanup in Hemet because of the real estate possibilities. I have heard that Hemet is a good place to look for houses. It might also be a good place to run my suicide cleanup business Riverside County.


Indian Wells
Jurupa Valley
Lake Elsinore
La Quinta
Moreno Valley
Palm Desert

Now, Palm Springs I know. It has been years, but when I first started my suicide cleanup business I received calls for Palm Springs suicide cleanup services about every 6 to 8 weeks. Not only year-round residents were calling for suicide cleanup services, but vacationers will vacation properties in Palm Springs would call me for suicide cleanup services. Yes, Palm Springs was good to my suicide cleanup business in the beginning. More so than any other city in Riverside County, Palm Springs remained loyal.

Rancho Mirage

Riverside is a dry place. The city of Riverside reminds me of a Hollywood movie set at times. It still has the older homes with their World War II resemblance to working-class homes during the war. It has a combination newer buildings and older buildings. Most recently, I have noticed quite a bit of roadwork during working hours in Riverside. I'm curious why do not receive suicide cleanup calls from the city of Riverside.
San Jacinto
Is the namesake of the namesake for the San Jacinto Mountains. This area has a colorful history. The stagecoach from Los Angeles to Tucson, Arizona ran through these parts. In fact, the Palm Springs area was often visited by folks on their way through the San Jacinto Gorgonio Pass.


Temecula has grown quite a bit over the years. It would seem to be a good place finding suicide cleanup work. Maybe if I advertise in the city more often I'll have better luck. Meanwhile, I can only hope the Riverside County corners employees stop sending families to their own suicide cleanup companies.