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Suicide cleanup notes could be about almost anything. At least these days, suicide cleanup notes could apply to the whole of the human species. For sure, we live in the Anthropocene, a time in which humanity controls the destiny of the earth. Anyone doubting this comment would do well to do their homework. A visit to would help cure their skepticism.

There is a history of suicide, it's place among the human species, and its role in helping to begin research into the social sciences as a place. More though, I can spend some time on my suicide cleanup notes from the past. It's been a long, strange adventure the experience is sometimes bewildering.

Calls for suicide cleanup over the last 17 years and some not so many adventures I can hardly remember them. Some suicide cleanup task horrific. Some more forensic and beyond belief. When my strangest suicide cleanup called arrived after receiving a mass homicide call for Washington DC.

The Washington DC maths homicide, mass murder call came in the early morning hours. A property manager for welfare housing units in Washington DC, six Street, required cleaning after a murder of four children. A mother high on some kind of crack had butchered her four daughters. For two months the school district tried to get to the children could not. Finally, the school district arrived at the murder scene front door and when the door open, the local police new immediately that were cadavers indoors.

Another too much relapse before the murder scene could be cleaned up. In that time I was called and given a date to report for cleaning.

I began my journey in my white van and traveled the southern route. Time was not an issue. As I pass through Phoenix, Arizona I received seven telephone calls within 30 minutes. One of these calls was for suicide cleanup in Nebraska. Another was for blood cleanup in Colorado for two police cars, and blood cleanup task for which have forgotten the city and police department name. I received a Detroit, Michigan call for an unattended death cleanup on a toileth. This unattended death cleanup neted the biohazard cleanup company over $7000. I received three other calls and referred them to other cleaners in California. No, nobody ever reciprocated this kindness let alone say "thank you."

I will skip the police car cleanup work other than to say, it was my first outdoor blood cleanup job and I learned that the alcohol I used froze soon after pouring it onto the police car seats.

A Nebraska Suicide Call

I want to write about unusual suicide cleanup that came to be by way of the Catholic Church in Nebraska. One of the church leaders and called me and asked if I would do a suicide cleanup. When he said the church would be paying for I was more than happy to take on the chore. And skipping ahead, the priest or whomever he was, made good on payment. I believe I charge $900 for that cleanup. It just happened that had suicide job was my line of sight as it was. I was on my way to Washington DC.

The party suicide cleanup and long distance travel that I enjoy is it's kinda like being retired. Although I should be retired I am not. Just the same, traveling interstate to do suicide cleanup gives me a sense for what it is to be retired. I enjoy taking my time and I enjoy taking even more time on my return trip. On this particular Nebraska suicide cleanup call I enjoyed watching the train changes I traveled hundreds of miles each day. The Buffalo roaming the planes was a delight for sure.

Now here's the odd part about this suicide cleanup trip. When I reach my destination I cannot help but reflect on the nature of the home surrounding the suicide same. The suicide victim resided in and brand-new urban housing project. His home had only recently been completed. Within shouting distance to the houses under construction. In fact, there was so much construction going on that the port-a-potties were stationed nearby.

When I first found the home I was in disbelief. When I witnessed made no sense. Brand-new home in a brand-new neighborhood and it already had a suicide. When I knocked on the front door of the suicide victim so no one responded. As I stood facing the door I heard a shot in the distance. I turned and saw for young women slowly walked in my direction.

As it turned out they were calling to me and we met hal the oldest and tallest of the group became a spokesperson. She asked me my business and I responded that I was there to clean. Fway upon the suicide victim's front lawn, a "sizable piece of real estate," I could say. The oldest and tallest of asked my business and I responded that I was there to "clean." We talked briefly and then she pointed to a young, petite, woman who stood to the back of the group. She stood smiling and giddy-like, balancing from her left foot to her right back to her left while looking so much like a young teen.

The group led me to the home Emmy-winning doors. The suicide victim's wife led me through the house and into the basement where the suicide occur. The husband had killed himself on a sofa. That is where she found him after he came home from work unannounced put a bullet through his head. The same was rather light is a sort of suicide cleanup goes.

Basement was cool and very large. Games for children abounded and is I would learn soon enough, the family consisted of young boys ages of roughly 4 to 7. Such a young woman can have so many young boys so quickly remain beyond my imagination. The suicide got me off guard two. I would learn that the young man had an engineering degree and a pharmacy degree. He work for the federal government.

This was a short cleanup. Me to question, "what's it all about?". There's a guy family, young wife and three young boys, a great education, and a new house. I would think it had everything to live for, but apparently not. Leaving this deaths then I can only wonder if he had done something despicable, something so disgusting that not even his Catholic peers to forgive is we were behavior. Was a chain, guilt, or something else that to take his life to suicide? When he lived on the moment that he had not had a handgun? We would never know as it will ever know when so many other suicide cleanup's.

I traveled many hours following that suicide cleanup because I just wanted to drive. I drove into the night and figured that I was lost because I soul to few road signs. Becoming delirious with the need for sleep, pull off the highway at the next destination. There I slept parked behind the station. And I continued my journey to Washington DC. I wish I could say that I was remembered that I was not. The suicide cleanup the previous day had cost me more than time and effort.


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I say "meandering" above to get the idea that my thoughts are just kind of a stream of consciousness. Here I need to save it this page would really be a blog page except that I won't return to it for a long time. I noticed yesterday that I returned to a suicide cleanup page that I have not seen for five years. That is a strange feeling to run across the suicide cleanup page and recognize it for what it was, a piece of electron bouncing about the Internet for five years.

I wrote the same thing about suicide cleanup on that page that I write today. In no way did that effort at writing doing any better than the effort at writing I do here. So this is not a blog page it is a page cast to the teacher and it will become history and I will probably be gone before it generates suicide cleanup work.

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