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Orange County Suicide Cleanup Information



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So how is it that my suicide cleanup prices are so much lower than my competitors' prices? There are a few reasons for the difference in prices. Here are the two biggest reasons why my fees are still my competitors. Because I am not connected to corner employ cronyism, I do not pay a 10% kickback fitted to corners employees for referring families to my suicide cleanup business; because I do all my own work, I have no employees, which means I do not have employee expenses or payroll.

I take all calls to my business. I remain open 24 hours a day seven days a week all year long. So when you call you can expect to talk with me. The only time I do not answer on the first call you can expect I'm working and cannot get to the telephone. I will return your call promptly. There in telephone calls I asked questions like the following:

  • Do you know if the incident took place in a house, condominium, apartment, mobile home, recreational vehicle, or outdoors?
  • Do you know if the incident occurred in a bedroom, bathroom, living room, dining room, or more than one room?
  • Do you know of the incident that occurred on or near the couch, loveseat, or bed?
  • Do you know the floor is covered with carpet?
  • Do you know if the floor is constructed from wood or concrete?
  • You know if there is parking nearby?
  • Do you know if there is running water in a working toilet?
  • Do you know if there is electricity?
  • Do you know who will pay and how they will pay?
  • Do you know when work can begin and how long work can continue?

At times I may desire to have a second day open to cleaning. Yes, I can clean most suicide scenes on the same day. But it's nice to know that I have more time if needed. Usually, if I so ask to clean after a suicide for two days, it's becomes of multiple deaths.

I have cleaned a number of double suicides and mass homicides, and know that a second day for cleaning makes the most sense. I do not charge by the hour, so I would not charge more for the second day, anyway. In this way, alsi, I can return and have what I call "new eyes" to see the scene again. I also prefer to go over areas a second time.

And for especially heavily blood soiled suicide scenes, I sometimes prefer the freedom to paint, with a sealer, an entire room. Sometimes I need only to paint a wall or part of the ceiling. Most Orange County families and business prefer to paint a room in which a person has died in any event, so no harm arrises from my additional labor involving extensive sealing work. For and unattended death cleanup involving a suicide, decomposition cleanup issues arise. Blood and other potentially infectious materials (OPIM) will soon begin to off-gas powerful sulfuric-like odors, and these odors will permeate human-made and natural, cellular materials. So anything from t-shirts to carpet padding harbor blood and death odors for prolonged periods, at times.

Can I do suicide cleanup in my own home?

Yes, unequivically, unless you know for certain that something like ebola contaminated the building.






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Aliso Viejo

When we speak of Orange County history, we must include the colorful history of the city of Anaheim. Anaheim became the home of Walt Disney's magical kingdom, Disneyland. Two generations of Southern California's drove from their homes to this theme park for fun filled days of thrill and excitement. Today, Florida has its own Disneyland, and similar theme parks popped up around the world. The older baby-boomers will recall the city of Long Beach once served as home to the "Pikee." The Pike entertained World War II sailors from the various U.S. Navy fleets. A huge roller coaster, shooting galleries, bumper car rides, and other fun filled types of entertainment brought relief and soulless to the visiting servicemen. Today, only a tattoo parlor remains of this historical theme park.

The city of dBrea eveloped near the mouth of Brea Canyon. Here the oil industry became the principal asset of the city. Many improvements were made, including a nearby landfill for the entire Orange County area. To this day, a scientifically managed landfill remains open six days a week for household trash disposal. Interestingly, over the decades, Orange County suicide cleanup companies deposited once blood soiled furnishings and carpeting in this public landfill.

This Orange County landfill includes a methane gas burning station for electricity generation. You see, the methane gas arises from the many plants and other waste material gathered in the landfill off-gases methane as well as carbone dioxide, greenhouse gases. For a few generations now the gas rose into the atmosphere. Before long, the Brea landfill will become a public park. Its location at 1942 N. Valencia places at Bob surrounding urban development throughout the city of Moran.

Buena Park

As a theme park dating back a few generations. It offers a train ride, roller coaster -like rides, and a Western theme. Wonderful fried chicken dinners remain a delicacy no one throughout the Orange County area. Until a generation ago, an alligator farm the business near Knotts Berry Farm just across the street. An accident involving family member fell into a crocodile pit, led to the closing of the alligator farm. Buena Park lost part of its original entertainment opportunity following this event.

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