Bakersfield Suicide Cleanup Narrative


Call for Bakersfield suicide cleanup prices.

I do suicide cleanup alone. This means that my clients save a lot of money. I usually get the job done in less than one day; sometimes within a few hours. If a second day is needed, the original quote remains. Suicide cleanup is not an opportunity to scam suicide victims' families.

Bakersfield suicide cleanup prices and services offered through this web site come with a low price and a written guarantee. I'm Eddie Evans. Besides lower cleaning prices, I have a return-upon-request guarantee. It is easier for me to offer lower suicide cleanup prices and a guarantee to return upon request than feel nagged by a sense bad faith dealings.

You see, a large percentage of suicide cleanup companies charge prices way beyond reason, usurious prices. They take advantage of families victimized by a suicide and in turn victimize these families. They get away with usury because they do not compete in the open market; they have a guaranteed supply of suicide victims' families provided by Bakersfield county employees, Bakersfield coroner's employees. I have been in the suicide cleanup business for 17 years. I know.

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How much are your suicide cleanup prices?

You can expect to pay $500-$1000 depending on the circumstances. However, if a suicide cleanup following injuries from a high-powered weapon, then expect to pay anywhere from $200-$400 more. The location of the suicide cleanup will influence price, too. The above prices are for Los Angeles County, Orange County, Riverside County, San Bernardino County, San Diego County, and Bakersfield. Out of state prices will reflect time and travel, but usually cost less than competitors. (Just saying this causes prices competitors suicide cleanup prices to drop.)

In any case, work does not begin until the responsible party agrees to a price; price increases for my suicide cleanup rarely occur and you would know before work begins. I prefer to go with my telephone quote in most cases than change my price. Only once in 17 years did I needed to change the price of a suicide cleanup. In that case the calling party had not seen the suicide scene. The suicide cleanup entailed extensive floor and wall damage caused by a three week decomposition.

My suicide cleanup fees are reasonable considering the thousands of dollars that my competitors charge. I charge a percentage for my business expenses and another percentage for my own profit. Overall, my profit is very low considering the exorbitant suicide cleanup fees that many competing Bakersfield suicide cleanup company owners charge. Unlike competitors, suicide cleanup company owners, I do my own work. This saves you money it saves me harder.

Because I do not have employees, I do not need to worry about an employ stealing from my clients. Likewise, I do not need to pay, for medical insurance, Workmen's Compensation, Social Security;; I do not need to pay for other employee related benefits and expenses.

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How much time for Bakersfield suicide cleanup?

In most cases suicide cleanup by one suicide cleanup practitioner will may take 4 to 8 hours. I have completed a suicide cleanup in less than one hour. I have also taken two days to do a suicide cleanup. I always ask for a second day to clean when I know before hand that a high powered weapon was used. Whether or not I need that secondary does not matter. I like to know before hand that I have that time to clean. If I do not need the second day, fine. If I do, that is fine. The price remains the same.

(Some of my suicide cleanup competitors are known to linger on the job to "pad the invoice.)

I do not charge by time, by hours worked at suicide cleanup. I charge by the job, not the hour, then. It is a "fix the" approach to suicide cleanup. (return) Also, because I must work at suicide cleanup throughout Bakersfield and other states because a corner employees cronyism, the below prices reflect local prices. For example, if I'm called to a high desert location for suicide cleanup services in the states of Arizona, Nevada, New Mexico, and Colorado, my prices will reflect my additional expenses.

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A low price and a not-to-exceed price for suicide cleanup – –

While on the telephone talking with the responsible party I clarify my Bakersfield suicide cleanup prices and services, I offer a low price and a high price. The high price will involve what I call a "not-to-exceed" price; as in the past, when I offer a suicide cleanup price it will look something like the following examples:

  • $500 to a not-to-exceed price of $800,
  • $600 to a not to exceed price of $900.

Finally, how do you know what I'm going to charge?

When I arrive at the death scene I will quote a fixed, guaranteed price; I have lost on this policy once in 17 years. This price will be between the telephone low-price and the not-to-exceed price. So if I gave you a suicide cleanup price of $600-$900, the price will be between one of these two figures. I do not begin work until you know what the price is in fact, the "fixed price."

What makes this suicide cleanup price policy any different than any other suicide cleanup company prices?

One, I am not in any way connected to the corners employees. No no county employee will hand my telephone number to you. I will not pay a 10 percent referral fee for your business.

My Bakersfield suicide cleanup customers call because of word-of-mouth referrals or they find me on the Internet.

Two, I do not begin work and then change my price.

Three, I do not cause needless damage to a building structure to invoke the homeowners insurance policy. It is often written in a policy that structural damage must occur. As a result some suicide cleanup company employees cause structural damage to justify getting at the insurance money. These employees then milk, fleece the insurance carriers.

What about the written guarantee to return for additional suicide cleanup work?

While on the telephone I did the responsible party my email address. The responsible party will email me an email. The responsible party's name, address, telephone number, and date and time for the cleaning.

Questions I ask along the telephone:

  • Did the death take place in a house, condominium, apartment, hotel, motel, mobile home, recreational vehicle?
  • Did the death occur on the first floor, second floor or above?
    Did event take place in a bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, living room, den, hallway?
  • Who is the responsible party that will make payment and let me in the building?
  • What is the parking situation?
  • Is the running water, electricity, and a working toilet in the building?

Time and price always depend on the amount of damage caused by soiling materials. Blood and other human effluents will come off a nonporous floor and other nonporous surfaces without undue concern. It is the blood and other debris that soiled walls, ceilings, and furnishings like beds, couches, loves eats, and carpeting that cause concern.

Then there is blood migration under refrigerators, into crevices between walls and floors, and blood soaking into drywall and wood surfaces. Blood cleanup alone can take hours for suicide cleanup depending upon the surfaces blood soils.

For example, a bathroom suicide cleanup will take less time, in most instances, than a bedroom suicide cleanup involving a shotgun or high-caliber. Most often, a bedroom suicide cleanup will involve "reducing" soiled materials from the bed, including the mattress. These blood related materials must first be cut free from the mattress and placed in proper plastic bags for disposal.

Mattress springs once soiled by blood and other effluents must be sealed; then the mattress can be taken from the room. Then the box springs must reduced of blood and other effluents. Finally, if it carpet below the mattress became soiled, and then carpet and carpet padding must be reduced of its blood content before removal. This all takes quite a bit more time than a bathroom suicide cleanup.

Also, a bathroom suicide cleanup will not involve personal items that a family may need cleaned for sentimental reasons. So when a family or other responsible party wishes to keep personal items, these items must first be cleaned, unlike impersonal bathroom materials.

Then, consider a ceiling soiled by blood and effluents. On the one hand we have a plain ceiling without acoustical covering. Such a ceiling will require scraping, scrubbing, rinsing, disinfecting, and then possibly sealing. On the other hand, an acoustical ceiling known as "popcorn" requires quite a bit of hard labor.


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How do you charge for Bakersfield homeowners insurance?

I need to verify the existence of a homeowners policy that will cover a suicide cleanup. Sometimes a homeowners insurance agent will call with the pertinent information. Sometimes I will need to call the Bakersfield homeowners insurance company. It's usually best for family members or responsible party to call the insurance company and ask for their help. In any case, a responsible party will need to call their insurance carrier.

Once the issue of homeowners insurance coverage is settled, I can the suicide cleanup.

Incidentally, many times my entire Bakersfield suicide cleanup fee will be near or at the deductible.

Many times apartment owners and management companies will prefer to pay my suicide cleanup feed rather than incur future insurance rate increases.

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Do it yourself suicide cleanup - -

It makes sense to check for useful tools and chemicals before cleaning begins. Death cleanup of any type should be planned ahead. Doing so will save time and the job will be less distasteful.

It is always good to remember that while doing suicide cleanup, work patiently and try to think through what you are doing. Begin with a small area, something manageable. Do not try to do too much at one time or you may overwhelm yourself. Keep in mind, suicide cleanup becomes intense labor at times.

It may be helpful to open windows and doors.
It may be helpful to clean for 10 to 30 minutes at a time and then take breaks up to 30 minutes and more. (But, the longer blood is down, the harder to get it up.)
It may be helpful to alternate your muscle groups as you clean. This means that you clean a low area for a while, and then switch to a higher area. Work on the floor, then ceiling or walls.
It may be helpful to search the cupboards in your home for useful items and chemicals.

Useful tools and cleaning solutions for suicide cleanup in her own home.

  • Dustpan, preferably metal,
  • flat no shovel,
  • scrub pads,
  • towels that may be thrown out or if you have the stomach for it washed in a terrible hot water with bleach and cleaning solution,
  • rubber gloves,
  • safety glasses,
  • paper mask, respirator, or a tell you can tied around her nose and mouth like trash bags.

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Things to consider buying for suicide cleanup work - -

Preferably you can afford to go to Bakersfield Home Depot and buy your supplies in those supplies should be something like the following, unless you already have the supplies on hand:

  • Bleach, bleach, bleach,
  • Flat no shovel or snow shovel and/or large metal dustpan as found at Home Depot (aluminum for about $12),
    construction bags (about $17 for 25),
  • simple grin, which should be used with caution because it burns the eyes which indicates it's disinfecting power ($10)
  • Pine-Sol, another disinfecting cleaning solution ($10)
  • floor pad, circular, available in Home Departmental departments, ask, ($9),
  • rubbing alcohol to disinfect your hands, light switches, doorknobs.
  • Call any time for information. I cannot guarantee outcomes, but I can get you started.

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